Car Repair: Because No one Searches Car maintenance tips

car repair
car maintenance tips anyone? Nope car repair on the move

It is 1:30 am. I cannot sleep. Three things have me awake right now. I was working on my automotive blog, trying to improve my search rankings through some SEO keyword research. A blogger lives and dies on where they place in SERPs. Yes, all those acronyms. I don’t want to explain because I am learning these terms and their meanings for the first time myself. Did I mention it’s 1:30 am?

I am not sure if this is going to be a rant or a ramble. A little of both considering I have only three and a half hours of sleep. The first issue, the one that applies to my automotive blog, worried me, and I must get this one off my chest. Automotive repair is one of the highest-ranking keywords in the automotive field.


Yes, people search for automotive repair more than automotive maintenance tips. I did the whole series of my first blog posts on auto maintenance. People do not search for car maintenance. Car maintenance tips was drowning at the bottom of the keyword search. People want to replace their three-hundred-dollar Mass air meter. They could’ve replaced a twenty-dollar air filter, but no. People want to spend fifteen hundred dollars servicing their cylinder heads. Yes, that is much better than changing my oil or performing a fuel injection cleaning. I didn’t search it, but I bet cheap-ass gas ranks high on the list as well.

I have also learned that short posts like this don’t rank well either. Yes, this is a quick post. Did I mention the time?  I will not post it right now. I hope I can go back to sleep. I must block it in and take some photos. Try to snazzy it up a bit. Wow, my Grammarly checker is driving me nuts. I have written a bunch of monotonous sentences. Time to check!!!

I said that three issues were keeping me awake. I have learned that I am supposed to be using one space after a period. Do you know how long I have been typing two spaces after a period? Since I have learned to type. Thirty years of typing two spaces after a period, and now I must stop. I had to run the find and replace to make this correct. I don’t think I will revise the monotonous sentences in the morning.

I have one more issue I need to address before I crawl back into bed. The other one that is keeping me awake. I can’t recall in what U.S. state in which this took place. A group of employees won a ten-million-dollar settlement from their employer over a missing comma in a law written governing overtime. I know the missing comma as the Oxford comma. For example, I am tired, sleepy, and cranky. I would consider the comma after sleepy the Oxford comma.

People, I am going back to bed. Please take care of your car. Search for car maintenance, so you don’t have to search for car repair so much.

I might have to change my pen name to That Awesome Auto Tech. People don’t search for average that much either.

That Awesome Tech

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